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   Australian Pilot Training Academy

Welcome to the
Australian Pilot Training Academy

The Australian Pilot Training Academy (APTA) is a professional Pilot Flight Training Academy.

APTA is based at Kingaroy Airport with a satellite flight school at Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. Kingaroy Aerodrome is located 2 hours and 30mins drive or a short 40 min flight north-west of Brisbane.
Kingaroy Aerodrome is surrounded by a low density airspace that allows high quality training without compromising students learning. 
Kingaroy and Bundaberg offers excellent annual weather providing the opportunity to train students all year round.


APTA caters for a wide range of customers from those wishing to enjoy relaxed recreational flying through to those who want to persue a professional career.


APTA aspires to produce employable professional pilots.  Our flight training is delivered at a very high standard and we are determined not to be a sausage factory delivering minimum standard pilots.
With the ever increasing demand for pilots there has never been a better time to learn to fly and there is no better place to learn to fly than with the Australian Pilot Training Academy.


Pilot Shortage Looms
Are you aware that there is a forcast Pilot shortage in the airlines in the next few years? Boeing's research has shown that South East Asia and the Middle East
are currently expanding rapidly, leading to a demand for more aircraft and Pilots.

There has never been a better time to fullfill your dreams of becoming a commercial pilot.
At APTA, we can help you fulfill that dream.

Our Vision  
At APTA we strive to produce a well rounded professional pilot who can operate an aircraft, not just fly it, making them  job ready for employment at the completion of training.
We also offer a Professional Charter service for our Fly in/ Fly out clients.

Peter McNamara - Managing Director