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   Australian Pilot Training Academy

Flight Training Courses.
  Available now!!  Commercial pilot training.
SAVE UP TO $6,500 on our Commercial Pilot training. All courses can be undertaken casually, part-time or fulltime. 
Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
Class 4 Night VFR Rating
200 hour Commercial Pilot License (CPL) (RAAus hours accepted)
Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating
Recreational Aviation Training
APTA offers Recreational training aligned with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) day VFR syllabus. 

RAA pilots certificate 

The restricted RAA pilots certificate comprises a minimum of 20 hours flight training.
Limitations and privileges
The RAA pilots certificate entitles the holder to fly within a 25 nautical mile radius of the departure airfield.

RAA pilots certificate Cross country endorsement 

After obtaining a  pilots certificate, the holder may undertake additional navigation training  of a minimum 10 hours, to achieve their Cross country endorsement.


Limitations and privileges

The holder of an un-restricted pilots certificate is entitled to fly anywhere within Australia remaining outside of controlled airspace (OCTA).

The Following endorsements are available:
Low level.
Water Bourne .
Nosewheel/Tail wheel.
Low/High performance.
Human factors.
Passenger carrying.
Cross country.
Biennial flight reviews (BFRs).
RAAus Instructor Rating Course.
GA/Glider conversions.
Inflight Adjustable propellor.
  Retractable undercarriage. 
Two Stroke.
Theory Instructor.
Accomodation available on Kingaroy Airport from AUS$15.00 per day.

APTA is a flight training provider for
APTA is an approved agent for Queensland aviation services.